Hanset OÜ
Alvari tn 1, Tallinn 13627

Internal finishing

Our expertise includes the performance of the repair and internal finishing works of buildings. Our clients include the owners of business premises, apartments and private houses and apartment associations.
If you wish to finish your home or business premises according to your discretion, we would be more than happy to help you. Additionally, we offer our help for performing different repair works. Our employees have knowledge about contemporary finishing materials and their utilization. For more demanding clients we can offer a full service package starting from interior decoration to the installation of curtains into an apartment, private house or office building. Present your vision about the interior design and together we will find the best solution and performance.

Interior decoration includes:

  • Plastering, filling and painting works
  • Paperhanging
  • Tiling
  • Construction of lightweight walls and ceilings
  • Construction of bathrooms and saunas
  • Installation of parquet
  • Installation of doors and windows
  • Electrical works
  • Post-construction cleaning

Painting works.

Painting works are one of the most important works for the contracting authority in the whole construction process, because it gives the final touch to the renovated building.
OÜ Hanset has been performing painting works since the establishment of the company, we have performed these services in private houses, office buildings, schoolhouses, etc. Our aim is to offer contemporary services by including professional technique and by using only the best materials in order to offer the clients professional painting works.
We offer painting services for private individuals wishing to finish one wall, institutions who would like to renovate or repair their interior as well as for main contractors in case of different painting works. We are sure we can manage with everything — whether it is just one room, an old hangar or a newly built apartment building, schoolhouse, warehouse or an office.
We use the following techniques:
Spray plastering
Spray filler
Spray painting


Have you ever had an idea to tile your bathroom, sauna, kitchen or any other surface, where no other construction materials can be installed. You need the specialists of the field to help you with surveying and installation. You can turn to Hanset OÜ with all your tiling problems and we are more than happy to help you.
The factors that should always be prioritized in a tiling process.

  • Surface preparation is one of the most important factors about tiling. Surfaces must first be cleaned from dust, grease, wax, etc. Make sure the surfaces are level. If necessary, level the surfaces.
  • Choose a high-quality tiling mix and joint filler for tiling.
  • Find qualified workforce with experience and skills. We recommend our own professional tilers, who install ceramic, mosaic, clinker tiles, etc.