Hanset OÜ
Alvari tn 1, Tallinn 13627


Construction services:

• Main contractor
• Project management
• General building
• Concrete work
• Roof work
• Facelift

Thanks to our good co-partners, we have the opportunity to offer our clients possibility to order all the work from one contractor, without any financial loss. We advise clients to involve our specialist from the beginning of engineering process so that later on during the construction work, there would be less problems and questions. We can advise you where to order the project so that the work will be done quickly, correctly, qualitatively and all questions that may rise during the construction process will get solved as well.

Construction of foundation

Hanset OÜ is engaged with constructing foundations with different levels of complexity. Our job is to construct a foundation according to your project. We assure you that we use only the most suitable materials, technology and qualified workforce when performing any foundation-related works. Due to that we can be certain that our masonry works meet all quality standards. Our main aim is to construct a foundation in a way that the final result assures the maximum durability of the house.

If you wish to build the foundation yourself, but do not have the necessary technology, contact usfor ordering the necessary excavation equipment.

Construction of roofs

Our aim is to construct quality roofs and offer solutions that are as economical as possible and that most correspond to our weather conditions and contemporary construction requirements. In our roof construction process we use contemporary construction technologies that correspond to the construction norms of the Nordic countries. We build both flat and pitched roofs, i.e the most usual types of roofs. We install different roof covering materials: steel, shingle, stone, overlapping tiles, sheet metal, roll material and other roof coverings.
Roof construction services include:

  • Construction and repair of pitched roofs
  • Construction and repair of flat roofs
  • Installation of rainwater systems
  • Construction of eaves soffits and gutter boxes
  • Installation of sheet metal window sills, chimney, ridge and roof valley sheet metals
  • Installation of asbestos-free waved cement fibre boards
  • Maintenance and painting of roofs
  • Demolition and utilization of old roofs
  • Construction and material related consultation
  • Transportation of materials
  • Removal of snow from roofs

Facade works

Since energy prices are going up, we will help you to make old houses more energy-efficient and be your partner or service provider in construction of new energy-efficient facades. Hanset OÜ is specialised on insulation and plastering the facades of private houses, apartment buildings and office buildings. Considering the construction of the building to be renovated, we clarify the necessary construction activities and offer solutions that help to achieve reduced heating costs, new appearance for the facade and improved indoor climate.
Facade works include:
• Thermal insulation of facades
• Thin-coat plaster facades
• Finishing and plastering works
• Renovation of facades
• Facade painting works
• Base works (including water insulation)
• Installation of sheet metal window sills
• Installation of rainwater systems
• Construction of eaves soffit
• Renovation of balconies
• Construction of inclined planes

Walls, ceilings

Before finishing the interior, we also offer wall and ceiling construction services. Have you ever thought about soundproofing your wall or ceiling? We know how to do this and which materials are the most optimal to use. We are also experts in constructing gypsum walls and ceilings. Our more than 5 years of experience have shown that no wall or ceiling is a problem for us. We have performed all the works just the way the client wishes.